Vesta House

The beauty of our hospice house – both regarding its mission and physical presence – is unrivaled. It is a home filled with a serene sense of peace and comfort, ready to meet the needs of patients and families facing end-of-life with dignity. At the Vesta House, visitors are always welcome, and patients are assured of around-the-clock care.

Patients may require General inpatient care for pain control or acute symptom management that can’t be provided in any other setting. Inpatient care is intended for specific circumstances for a short period of time. The goal is to return your loved one to a comfort level that can be managed at home.

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Open to any hospice patient from any area hospice program,
the hospice house provides:
Medicare Certified

Hospital-standard medical resources ensure that every patient receives the highest possible level of care.

Our promise to our patients and families

At the Vesta House, your family is cared for by our family – our team of hospice-trained professionals including the patient’s physician, nurses, social workers, home health aides, chaplains, physical therapists, music and massage therapists, bereavement counselors, end-of-life doulas, and hospice volunteers. As we share this journey with you, our team promises to provide a compassionate presence, professional care, education and ongoing support to you and your loved ones.