When a loved one is terminally ill, it is common for the grieving process to begin even before death occurs.

Aegis Bereavement Services are available at any time, and for up to 13 months following the loss of a loved one. Our professional staff is committed to supporting families who are going through the grieving process.

We provide:
Support Through Grief and Loss

At Aegis, we believe that death is part of the journey of life. While we have no designated religious affiliation, we do value the role of spiritual and religious care at the end of life as an important part of this journey.

For some, spirituality is nurtured and expressed within the context of faith and religion. Though spirituality is being increasingly reflected in many other ways such as the love of family, gardening, music, art, or the wonder of nature. Spirituality has to do with how we make sense of the world and how we connect to ourselves, each other, and to our universe.

Aegis offers grief and bereavement support services to patients and family members of all faiths, cultures, and beliefs.

The Impact of Grief on Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals can also experience grief when caring for dying patients. These healthcare professionals may experience more intense grief if the patient has been under their care for a long period of time. Bereavement support for healthcare professionals, especially hospice employees, is essential.

If you are a healthcare professional trying to manage grief, please contact us to learn more about how Aegis can support you.