Hospital to Home: The Importance of Transitional Care

The transition from hospital to home is especially concerning when it involves seniors, especially those who suffer from one or more chronic conditions.

There are many things to consider regarding transitioning from a hospital back into the home. For many seniors and their families, this process can be stressful as well as complicated, especially for those who suffer from one or more chronic conditions that require them to take different medications at varying times of the day.

Sending someone home from a care facility such as a hospital or skilled nursing facility, where around-the-clock monitoring is provided, to an environment where little or no interaction occurs requires planning to ensure the transition is smooth and safe.

Some things to consider include:
  • Home safety and mobility of the senior
  • Medication management assistance organizing and tracking medications to make sure
    they’re taken as directed.
  • Follow-up physician visits helping seniors keep track of and attend all necessary follow-up
    medical appointments.
  • Nutrition
Home Safety Evaluation

Attention needs to be given to the mobility of the person going home, before they go home. A home safety evaluation is necessary to foresee and plan for any obstacles in the home. Seniors recuperating from an illness may need assistance identifying symptoms in the days and weeks after coming home from the hospital. Aegis Homecare can educate the patient, family and caregivers on how to manage chronic conditions as well as how to identify a change in condition. Proper administration of medications is essential for seniors required to take them even for a short period of time. Sometimes, if multiple medicines are needed, seniors may need help remembering time schedules.

Often after returning home from a hospital stay, visits to health care providers are scheduled to monitor the progress of those on the mend. Help seniors remember these appointments penciling them in your own calendar. Accompanying them to these scheduled visits further ensures these obligations are met and can also help keep you in the loop regarding any new medical care changes.

Seniors returning home from a hospital stay may be on a limited diet. Even if they are not, preparing and eating dinner for themselves may seem overwhelming at first. Maintaining balanced nutrition is critical for seniors, but can be especially important for those who have had recent health issues.

Following the above tips can help pave the way to a positive transition from hospital to home. The Hospital to Home program at Aegis is designed to meet the needs of seniors returning home after a hospital or nursing home stay. If you or your loved one is making this transition, Aegis can help. Please call us at 480-219-4790