Fun Senior Activities to Do Indoors

Fun senior activities can be a wonderful way to pass the time indoors, here are some indoor activities to keep any senior engaged and happy!

Now more than ever indoor activities are growing in popularity and importance. Indoor senior activities can be just as creative, fun, and active as outdoor activities.  Many activities can keep not just the body active, but the mind as well. The benefit of getting involved in a new activity can also increase engagement, and depending up what it is, it can decrease depression and anxiety that can come with boredom.

Brain Games

A wonderful way to keep the mind active is to engage in numerous activities, like making puzzles and playing different brain games. These activities can help to improve cognitive functions like memory and even mood. Also, these activities present a healthy challenge to overcome in anyone’s spare time. These activities can be accessed fairly easily and are a fun and inexpensive way to exercise your brain.

Stay Active

Staying active is a great way to boost immune, mental, and physical health. One such way to work out and remain safe for seniors are exercises that allow for sitting down. Small amounts of weights build strength and confidence. Some quick and easy chair exercises can be found with a quick search.

Media Entertainment

It’s important to watch a movie or show every now and then. Media like old family home movies that seniors can share is a wonderful activity to pass time.  Home movies remind seniors of home, family, and the love that surrounds them. A reminder of who cares about them is essential when seniors have to stay home. This gives the opportunity for a bit of socialization and a chance to reminiscence. As a result, seniors can decrease anxiety and depression that can occur from social isolation. Sometimes silence is appreciated, and entertainment movies are a perfect way to tune out for a while and focus on another world.

Reading is another entertaining and stimulating activity for any senior. You can choose any type of genre or subject to read and learn about. Activating your imagination, as well as increasing cognitive function and stimulating your brain. Reading is a quiet and peaceful activity to do in a chaotic world.

Community Activities

It is important to keep social ties for your mental and emotional health. One of the possible senior activities could be to socialize and swap stories. Many seniors have invaluable experience and a multitude of stories that can entertain for hours. It’s essential to find a community, which lowers the chances of depression and encourages the improvement of mental health. Community activities can include a game night like card games or board games. These types of games present an enjoyable element of competition and keep the mind active. Other activities like bingo and community events can create a feeling of togetherness and decrease feelings of loneliness.

Learn Hobbies

Hobbies are wonderful activities to adopt, especially those that don’t require leaving the house. Seniors can learn various new hobbies like cooking, baking, or knitting and sowing. Cooking and baking create an outlet for creativity by developing new recipes and promising a delicious reward. Knitting and sowing gives the opportunity to increase hand-eye coordination and reduce feelings of stress.

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