Benefits of Assisted Living

In the United States alone, there are over 800,000 people who live in assisted living.

Assisted living is a housing facility for people who cannot live on their own. People in assisted living centers are often seniors, with about 93% of them being over age 65.

National Assisted Living Week (NALW) was first created in 1995 by the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL). This year, it is held September 8-14 and is observed by thousands of people all over the nation who strive to educate residents, their family members, volunteers, staff, and local communities about the important role of assisted living.

During this annual observance, staff members are encouraged to go out of their way to offer a variety of events and activities to celebrate the seniors they serve, as well as to help educate members of the public about the concepts and advantages of assisted living communities.

Assisted living centers help countless people with every-day activities like bathing, dressing, and eating. Although many seniors may be resistant at first to living in an assisted living center, they often learn quickly the benefits that come with it.
  • Improved Health: At Aegis and many other facilities, residents have amenities like health and wellness programs that allow for them to be physically active and promote good health.
  • Safe Environment: Because we specialize in this field, our facilities are equipped with measures to keep your loved one safe. And, with on-site medical staff, residents can feel comfortable and safe.
  • Healthy Diet: With registered dietitians and a strong medical team, we help ensure your loved one is eating well and meeting their needs.
  • Social Engagement: One of the biggest benefits of assisted living centers is the opportunities it provides for residents to interact with others in similar situations, and develop strong relationships that help meet their emotional needs.
  • Added Comfort: When you eliminate household chores and errands, you also eliminate added stress and anxiety, helping your loved one to feel more comfortable. Assisted living communities like Aegis offer housekeeping and maintenance.
  • Enhanced Mental State: Scheduled activities throughout the day provide great intellectual stimulation to help the brain healthy and active.
  • Medication Management: Our staff is organized and trained to help supervise and assist your loved one with administering medications.
  • Transportation: Many communities also offer transportation to assist your loved one in living as independently as possible.
Unlike a nursing home or hospice care center, residents living in assisted living centers don’t require 24-7 skilled nursing care and monitoring. Typically, they have less-complicated health conditions and only need help with a few activities of daily living. They are also much more cost-effective.

The majority (71%) of residents living in assisted living communities are female. In addition, over 50% of residents have high blood pressure, over 40% have some form of dementia, over 30% have cardiovascular disease, and over 30% have depression.

The most common daily activity that residents typically need the most help with are bathing, followed by walking, dressing, toileting, bed transfer, and help with eating.

According to the NCAL, the average number of residents stay for close to two years, with about 60% transitioning out to a skilled nursing center.


Assisted Living Centers like Aegis are vital not only to resident seniors but also to local communities as they provide hundreds of thousands of jobs. Earlier this year, it was reported that nearly 453,000 employees in the United States were in the assisted living field. The NCAL reports that roughly one-fifth of nursing staff and social work employees in the US are employed full-time at assisted living centers.

It takes a team of medical professionals to ensure the success of assisted living centers. In addition to nurses, assisted living centers also employ pharmacists, registered dietitians and nutritional aides, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, mental health therapists, social workers, and more. Each one is crucial to the improvement of assisted living centers around the nation.

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