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Palliative Care & Transition

One of the hardest things about living away from a family member or loved one, is not knowing if they are receiving the proper nutrients, taking or understanding their medication, and attending doctors’ appointments. This is why the Bridge program was created. To serve as a support system, we bring peace of mind by visiting your loved one to assist with what is needed.

Our Promise

The Bridge Palliative Care and Transition Program will treat all patients and families with honesty, integrity, and compassion. We promise to educate and support our patients’ decisions and remain responsive to their needs.

The Aegis BRIDGE Program offers a broad array of services to allow you to stay as independent as possible through any medical or age-related change. These services, identified by your personal care coordinator, can include:

Personal Care Coordinator
Home visits by Transitional Care Team
Hospital-to-home transition
Caregiver education and support
Hospice education & care
Community resources
Telephone support 24/7
Symptom management consultation
Disease and medication education
Home health services
Senior placement service

Bridge Palliative Care & Transition is a professional and dependable company with experienced caregivers who are trusted in the medical community. We offer peace of mind for our clients and their families through our services. Use our service for as long as you need it with no long-term contracts and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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